Parent Workshops

Parent Workshop Schedule 2018-2019

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Presented by Adrian Merrick

We all know free play is important to the early childhood experience, and that children are constantly learning through play experiences every day. But what, exactly, ARE they learning? This two-hour session will provide caregivers and parents some insight about how play builds healthy brains and bodies. We will explore how unstructured, creative play—both indoors AND outdoors—supports social/emotional development, fine and gross motor abilities, early literacy and math skills, and prepares them for lifelong success in school and beyond. Topics will also include physical literacy, loose parts, building resiliency, risky play, social skills and much more!

Date:  September 11, 2018 Time: 5:30-7:30 pm


Alberta Health Services – Transitions Big and Small:  Supporting Kids through Change

Is it a challenge getting your child to transition from one activity to another? Are you worried about an upcoming transition in your child’s life? Whether they are big or small, transitions involve change and can therefore be a stressful time for children and caregivers alike. This presentation will explore common transitions kids and youth experience, while giving parents tips and tools to make any transitions as smooth as possible. The session will also discuss strategies for managing the stress and anxiety that can accompany transitions.

Date:   September 19th, 2018 Time: 4:30-6:00 p.m.


Alberta Health Services – Breaking the Cycle of Anxiety: A Step by Step Approach

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health complaints in children and teens today. This session will distinguish between normal anxiety and anxiety that is no longer helpful or productive. It will aid parents in identifying signs that a child or adolescent is experiencing problems with anxiety, and teach them strategies to assist their child/teen manage anxiety and improve their mental health. Resources will be provided in addition to these tools designed to reduce anxiety.

Date: October 11th, 2018 Time: 4:30- 6:00 p.m.


Jolly Phonics

Presented by Ann Box

The Jolly Phonics program is a classroom-developed program that introduces young children to language at an early age. Each of the 42 letter sounds (phoneme) is introduced with a story and an action, which keeps the children actively engaged and concentrated. When writing, the children are taught to identify all the sounds by speaking them aloud, and to write down the corresponding letters. The majority of the children who are taught with Jolly Phonics are able to write independently at a very early age: a satisfying accomplishment for children and their teachers.

Date: October 15th, 2018 Time: 6:30 – 8: 30 p.m.


Edmonton Public Library (EPL) – Literacy

Presented by Lindsey Juke

There’s something for everyone at the Edmonton Public Library – whether you’re new to EPL or an experience library veteran, the library welcomes you to come discover programs and services that can enrich your family’s life and foster learning for all ages. Information on the library, its services, and on literacy for preschool and elementary aged children will be interspersed with fun songs, stories and puppets!

Date: October 22nd ,2018 Time: 4:30 – 6:00 p.m.


Occupational Therapist – Fine Motor Development

Presented by Kimber Snider

This session will discuss and demonstrate fun activities that will support fine motor development that is integral to the foundations of early childhood education.   

Date: November 5th, 2018 Time: 4:30- 6:00 p.m.


Speech Language Pathologist – Speech Sound Development

Presented by Tamara Chanski

When young kids mispronounce certain words it is often regarded as endearing. But what happens when speech errors aren’t cute anymore? This session will cover what children should be capable of saying at their age, and factors that could contribute to your child’s speech sound errors. It will also discuss what parents can do at home to support their child’s speech development.

Date: November 14 ,2018 Time: 9:00- 10:30 a.m.


Alberta Health Services – Parenting Strategies that Promote Positive Mental Health and Build Resilience in Elementary School Children

Wondering how you’ll survive the teen years? Parenting teens is harder than ever for most parents today. In this session you will explore the challenges of being a teenager and parenting a teenager, and learn how to establish healthy, respectful boundaries with your teen.

Approximately 1 in 5 Canadian children are affected by a mental health issue. This session will explore factors that contribute to mental health and wellness, and teach you how to be your child’s greatest mental health asset. You can learn about the different types of stress and how some stress can be helpful in building children’s resiliency and future success.

Date: November 28th, 2018 Time: 4:30- 6:00 p.m.