Masks Required

Masks Required

As of August 4th, all students from grade four and up are required by the government to wear masks when in all shared or common areas as well as on buses.

This year we will require masks as mandated by the government, and also extend that requirement to all students in our blended grade 3 & 4 class as well. Additionally, we are strongly recommending mask use by all students in Kindergarten through grade three. All students on buses will be required to wear masks for the duration of the trip regardless of age.

A big part of our program at Progressive Academy is to teach responsibility to our students, and this involves both responsibility to one’s self as well as responsibility, respect and caring for others. As you may know, mask use is effective at helping to reduce the spread of any contagion from the wearer to people around them, so this is a perfect time to teach our children that they are wearing a mask out of a mutual respect for others.

This lesson is a vital one, and is the messaging that our staff will be repeating to our students for as long as we are collectively living under the threat of Covid-19.

As our current plan indicates, mask use is required from the curb to the classroom. Once in the classroom cohort, teachers will be able to assess when mask use is appropriate due to closer contact work, or ensure that students are physically distanced. Students may choose to continue wearing a mask even when not required to and will be supported in doing so.

While we are aware of some medical reasons that may require a student to not wear a mask, we will not be accepting the City of Edmonton cards that were distributed recently at city facilities. Schools in Edmonton do not fall under the City Bylaw as we are provincially regulated, and as such we are held to a higher level of expectations for safety.

If you as a parent are unable to wear a mask, please don’t expect that you will be able to enter the school without special arrangements for your visit. If you have a child with a valid medical reason for not wearing a mask, please talk to administration.

Please also respect the fact that we do have some students that do have a perfectly valid medical reason for not being able to wear a mask. Staff at the doors in the morning will be aware of all individuals who are not able to wear a mask, so if you do see someone entering without a mask you can be sure that the school is aware of a medical reason for that.

Take the time talk to your children about how important it is to be thoughtful of others and how masks can help us express that caring and concern, but also that there are people that can not wear masks and they need to respect that as well. As a school that implements the Tribes Learning Community philosophies, this certainly falls squarely into the agreement of Mutual Respect!