No one stands alone. And that is more relevant in education than in any field, because education is really about life. The interconnections that need to take place for education to actually occur would rival that of the World Wide Web. And so …. At Progressive Academy, we are all about making connections.


Alberta Education

Alberta Education is the provincial ministry entrusted with the many responsibilities necessary to bring about education for the citizens of Alberta. In the Minister’s Mandate letter of February 10, 2010 one of those responsibilities is noted as “continue to develop a long-term vision for education that ensures students have the knowledge, skills and abilities to be successful in the 21st century”.

Progressive Academy is accredited by Alberta Education as a Level 2 Private School, and is leading the way in 21st century education. As a Level 2 school, Progressive Academy works with Alberta Education to achieve high standards, participates in provincial initiatives, meets detailed accountability measures and accepts provincial funding for the continued growth of our school.


The Association of Independent Schools and Colleges of Alberta (AISCA)

The Province of Alberta acknowledges the importance of school choice. More importantly, it recognizes the foundational spirit of Alberta’s School Act that calls for diversity in education as part of the provincial mandate. This underlying spirit of accommodating all responsible choices reinforces the importance of honouring the rights of all parents and students. The Association of Independent Schools and Colleges of Alberta is the voice in Alberta that creates a positive social, fiscal and political environment in which independent schools are free to maintain their identity as they serve the public interest.

The Alberta Association for the Accreditation of Early Learning and Care Services The Alberta Association for the Accreditation of Early Learning and Care Services (AELCS) provides information and services about accreditation standards and processes for day care programs, out-of-school care programs and family day home agencies in Alberta. AELCS also evaluates and awards child care programs that have successfully met the standards of excellence.

Progressive Academy’s Junior Kindergarten program and Out-of-School Care program are accredited though AELCS.

The Alberta Resource Centre for Quality Enhancement

The Alberta Resource Centre for Quality Enhancement (ARCQE) enhances best practices, builds capacity in the sector and helps prepare child care providers for the accreditation process. Through ongoing needs assessment and quality enhancement resources (such as workshops, in-service training opportunities, policy templates, resource materials and information on child development and best practice), service providers are better prepared to provide higher quality services and meet accreditation standards.

Progressive Academy is proud to have been acknowledged as a Quality Program.

Alberta Children and Youth Services

Child and Family Service Authorities (CFSA) licence and monitor Progressive Academy’s exceptional Junior Kindergarten program with the Alberta Child Care Licensing Regulation, which is a set of minimum standards that must be met in a licensed child care program to ensure that the health, safety and developmental needs of children are met.

Jolly Phonics

Progressive Academy has used the Jolly Phonics program for many years and has found it to be incredibly effective in teaching our young children how to read because it engages the children with songs, games and kinaesthetic cues. Through implementation of Jolly Phonics, our students are beginning readers before then enter Kindergarten.

Edmonton Chamber of Commerce

Progressive Academy is a member of the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce. After all, education and business are co-dependent. Through our membership with the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce we have found other like minded individuals and organizations who are interest in promoting 21st Century education and high educational standards.

HeLa Ventures

The HeLa Ventures Adventure Education Centre is dedicated to providing individuals, groups, and families with positive and educational outdoor experiences. Their programs are delivered from a holistic perspective and encourage a healthy lifestyle through the incorporation of activities in a safe, respectful manner.