We have created a one-page guide to clarify the Government of Alberta rules regarding illnesses and when students should stay home. There are two types of symptoms: core symptoms and other symptoms. If your child has both types of symptoms, please follow the guidelines for the core symptoms. Download the current version of the guide below (November 1, 2020).Learn more


As of August 4th, all students from grade four and up are required by the government to wear masks when in all shared or common areas as well as on buses. This year we will require masks as mandated by the government, and also extend that requirement to all students in our blended grade 3 & 4 class as well. Additionally, we are strongly recommending mask use by all students in Kindergarten through grade three. All students on buses will be required to wear masks for the duration of the trip regardless of age. A big part of our program at Progressive Academy is toLearn more


Progressive Academy now runs several buses to the south side of Edmonton. At this time there is no service to the north side of the city. Depending on the area and the number and ages of children, we may be able to provide to-the-door pickup, with some areas requiring central street stops. Fees are $80 per month per student. Unfortunately, as this is a highly subsidized program, we can not extend multi-student discounts for the bus. For 2020-21, due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, mask use will be mandatory for all students on the bus and seating will be assigned. Daily student Covid symptom assessmentLearn more


Please do not make 3-point turns near the school. The map attached shows that wherever you have parked near the school, it is possible to just drive forward to exit. Never back into intersections. The intersection by the school has four directions of students crossing, and backing into these spaces is extremely dangerous. Remember that the speed limit around schools is 30 km/h. When you enter the area, please respect all the neighbours and children walking to school by driving slowly even before entering the school zones.Learn more

Students in Junior Kindergarten and all students in Out of School Care will be required to fill out an electronic declaration every day. A link to the form will be sent to your email directly. For all other K-9 students who do not attend out of school care, parents must perform the Alberta Covid-19 Health Daily Checklist with each student before getting on a bus or entering the school. We do not require a paper copy of this, it is simply a self-assessment tool.Learn more

This document (click here) is the most current procedure for drop off and pick up. In order to minimize the opportunities for close contact, doors will be open at 8:30 and students should be dropped off by 9:00 at the latest. Drop offs after 9:00 must enter at the south west door and proceed to reception for temperature checks. Should you have specific questions regarding these procedures, please talk to your classroom teacher. Please see this post if you need a copy of the school map.Learn more

In the rush to get information out to parents, some information was missed on the entrance map. Please see this version which has been updated.Learn more

Since our entry plan was released, there has been one change to student entrances. The grade 8 and 9 students will now be entering at the west doors. Also a reminder that siblings may enter at the entrance of the younger sibling. Please see the full map which reflects the changes.Learn more

As classes resume for 2020-21, life won’t be quite the hand-in-hand joyous run as this photo shows, but we’re confident that our new procedures will make sure that students are still able to have fun while staying as safe as possible. Please download and review our current school plan below, and watch your email or updates as things change during the year.Learn more