Elementary students are so full of life! At Progressive Academy we love directing the vibrancy of each of our students to help them gain the skills that they will need to carry them into a lifetime of learning. As a school accredited by Alberta Education, we use Alberta’s exceptional program of studies. This curriculum provides a broad and balanced framework. We encourage all of our students to work vertically through the curriculum to their full potential.

Students are given many opportunities to explore the world in a number of ways throughout their elementary years at Progressive Academy. Our classrooms are beehives of productivity. A study of our classrooms may find students caring for a worm compost, creating information campaigns for parents to stop idling their cars or running a business to earn money for sports uniforms. When students are engaged in authentic learning and meaningful work they put their whole heart into the task at hand.

Understanding is the true result of reading and study. Students who understand the subjects studied in elementary school have a firm foundation for future learning.

In Language Arts we foster in the student a love of reading and the ability to communicate clearly, orally and in writing. We backtrack when needed to help students grasp the earlier skills and we ensure that our students understand grammar so that they can use it to communicate effectively. Our goal in mathematics is to help students truly understand the principles behind the mathematics, and gain such fluency with those concepts that they are able to masterfully solve problems. In addition to core curriculum, student programs include French as a Second Language, Visual Arts, Drama, Music, Physical Education and numerous Technology and Art Electives.

Students are also encouraged to identify topics that spark their interest, to explore these projects through research, and to express their findings creatively. Allowing students to pursue topics of interest often finds them learning far beyond expectations.