Junior Kindergarten

Progressive Academy offers a creative and dynamic full time preschool program for three and four year olds. For many young children this may be their first experience in a school setting. Our safe and engaging environment provides a wealth of opportunity for these enterprising and energetic young learners to expand their interests and acquire information about the world around them.

Literacy and numeracy are the focus of our pre-kindergarten programs at Progressive Academy. Through diverse and engaging experiences we help students expand their math, vocabulary, and language skills. They learn to interact with others, solve problems and work as a team. Wonderful literature and interesting stories are a daily part of life at school.

Throughout the years we have found that three and four year olds love to learn to read and write. Our phonics program, which introduces the 42 sounds of the English language, teaches reading and writing to our students. This enables children to sound out simple three and four letter words before entering the Senior Kindergarten program. They quickly discover that reading adds a whole new aspect to learning.

Preschool students are busy learning all day long. They explore mathematics in their play; music and art classes help them to develop skills of expression and through an introduction to French they learn that language is fun. Each day they have plenty of opportunity to stretch, run and dance. Field trips and guest presenters help add another dimension to our daily activities.