Performing Arts

Confidence, presence, self-expression and strength of character; these are some of the personal qualities built through performance.

Dance, sing and act! We believe in the power of performing to increase the confidence of students, so all Progressive students take music classes in school, moving from general music in elementary grades to the junior high music program introducing all students to playing an instrument in concert band, whether that’s flute, trumpet, saxophone or any other.

Students all perform at our winter concert, and all participate in our spring musical productions like The Sound of Music or Beauty and the Beast. Not only are students involved in singing and acting for these productions, they also take electives which involve them with producing the shows by learning to build sets, run stage lighting and sound, or even directing.

If that wasn’t enough stage time already, all students participate in our spring hip-hop show, and can participate in our annual talent show, rock bands, and even take private music lessons during the day.