Class Sizes in Alberta

Class Sizes in Alberta

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The Alberta Government has spent $2.7 billion over 13 years to reduce class sizes, according to the Edmonton Journal today. We thought we’d post information about our average class sizes so no one had to go through the trouble of filing an information request.

Average class sizes for Progressive Academy 2017-18

K-3: 14.8
4-6: 16
7-9: 17

Not only do we maintain low class sizes, students at Progressive Academy are grouped so that their abilities are similar to their classmates. It’s through maintaining small class sizes as well with socially and educationally compatible students that we achieve good well-rounded education of students, offering high levels of one-on-one interaction and personal attention.

We do this with significantly less government funding than the public education system; in fact only about 41% of what public schools receive per student, according to this report by the Fraser Institute.

We’re proud of what we do. Our students have the attention required to become confident young people, and they’re encouraged to work ahead with no limits. Don’t let your child get lost in a class of 35: consider attending Progressive or another private school.

P.S. From the $2.7 billion dollars spent on reducing class sizes, we received exactly $0.