Grade 4 to Grade 9 Summer Camps 2018

Construction (2 week program): July 3 – July 6, July 9 – July 13($295)

This program will consist of two large construction projects: building a roller-coaster and building an energy efficient straw bale shed sized house. Students will be involved with every step from planning and prepping to building these projects as a group. Work will be done outside in summer temperatures, so students must come prepared. Safety equipment will be provided for students. Activities will involve working with light machinery to cut wood and much more.


Cars: July 16 – July 20 ($275)

Students will be working in small groups to build an electric soapbox car. Every student will get hands-on experience with activities like reading blueprints, woodworking and assembly of parts as they learn the inner workings of how cars are made. Once groups have finished their cars, they will be giving them a test drive.


Electronics: July 23 – July 27 ($245)

Electronics week will have students learning about how devices they use everyday are made. Students will be experiencing real electronics work using Arduino microprocessors. They will use these to interface with LEDs, various sensors and the controlling of motors. This is a great foundation for any student interested in electronics work and robotics.


Camping: July 30 – August 3 ($245)

This camp will give students a starter experience to wilderness living. Students will be learning how to properly start and handle fires, building a lean-to, outdoor cooking and more. In addition, one night of this camp will be a overnight camp out in our fenced field. Students in grades 4-6 must have a chaperone for the overnight camp out.


Biking: August 7 – August 10 ($200)

Biking students will be given a full look into bike care and maintenance, bike safety, along with road rules. These will be put into full effect as students will be planning out bike trips into the city as a part of their camp.


Game Programming: August 13 – August 17 ($245)

Game programming will give students the best opportunity to put their creative minds to work. Starting with basic concepts, students will be able to go from no experience to developing a full game. Students will be expected to bring a Windows or Mac computer. Chromebooks will not work. Students will be working with software such as Scratch and GameMaker.


Photography: August 20 – August 24 ($245)

Stop motion photography is a popular method of filming many modern movies. Students in this camp will explore from start to finish the steps involved with creating their own mini films. Using different materials, students will create an environment and characters to move and interact within their short stop motion film. In addition, students will be working with DSLR cameras and learning true photography skills such as camera exposure and shooting techniques.