Preschool to Grade 3 Summer Camps 2018

Construction (2 x 1 week programs): July 3 – July 6($200) and/or July 9 – July 13($245)

During these camps, students will experience a variety of activities focused around the building of objects and structures. This camp is designed to give students a working knowledge of what it takes to build something they can imagine. The first week of this camp will focus around building with moving objects. Examples of these are marble runs and Rube Goldberg machines. Our second week of camp will be around houses and stable structures. Students will work with a variety of materials such as paper mache, cardboard and even wood. Upon leaving the camp, students will have modern concepts and understandings of how they could start their very own construction projects.


Cars: July 16 – July 20 ($245)

This week in camp, students will learn all about cars. Students will gain an understanding of how cars work and road safety. Once students have understood the workings of a car, they will be building their own model cars. These model cars will then be tested for safety, and then raced against one another!


Electronics: July 23 – July 27 ($245)

Electronics week will dive students into the world of electricity and devices. This week will consist of students learning the basics of electricity and how it works in their day to day lives. Students will get to experience taking items apart to learn how certain devices work. They will also get to participate in building cardboard circuits, switches and more. Older students will experience these same concepts with LEDs.


Camping: July 30 – August 3 ($245)

Lessons will be taught mostly outside as students gain insight into outdoor activities. Fire safety, hiking, building tents, choosing a proper campsite and more are all included as activities the students will be learning in this week of camp.


Biking: August 7 – August 10 ($200)

Our biking week allows students to start, build upon and improve their bike skills. In addition, student will learn about bike care and maintenance as well as bike safety. An obstacle course will also be set up to allow students to test their new skills as they become experts on two wheels. Students will need to bring their own bike and helmet.


Game Programming: August 13 – August 17 ($245)

Students will broaden their creativity as they play and make games. Using modern practices, students will go in depth with current programming techniques and ideologies as they are introduced into gaming and how games are made. Students in grades 2-3 will be expected to bring their own device.


Photography: August 20 – August 24 ($245)

Stop motion photography is a popular method of filming many modern movies. Students in this camp will explore from start to finish the steps involved with creating their own mini films. Using different materials, students will create an environment and characters to move and interact within their short stop motion film.