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The Alberta Government has spent $2.7 billion over 13 years to reduce class sizes, according to the Edmonton Journal today. We thought we’d post information about our average class sizes so no one had to go through the trouble of filing an information request. Average class sizes for Progressive Academy 2017-18 K-3: 14.8 4-6: 16 7-9: 17 Not only do we maintain low class sizes, students at Progressive Academy are grouped so that their abilities are similar to their classmates. It’s through maintaining small class sizes as well with socially and educationally compatible students that we achieve good well-rounded education of students, offering high levelsLearn more

Over the past few years, we have been proudly building our school excursion experience for a wide-range of students through EF Tours. We have visited the wonders of China and explored the rich history of Ontario and Quebec. We are delighted to announce that in Spring 2019, we will be traveling to Europe for an eye-opening and surely unforgettable experience with our students. Please review the nomination letter here, as well as see our slideshow for more information including registration. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions, and we hope that many of our students and their families will be able toLearn more

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Once again, Progressive Academy shows in the 95th percentile in Alberta Education measures, including the Provincial Achievement Tests.Learn more

Big  congratulations to our Progressive Academy Panthers Cheer team as they were awarded second place at the Victoria Cheer Competition on Friday. This was their very first cheer competition for the team and its season. The competition saw 41 total teams compete in a variety of division levels, and  our next competition is March 3rd. We hope to see our team compete with spectacular results!Learn more

Congratulations to Progressive Academy’s FLL Team the H2Bros, who won the Judges Award at the Edmonton FIRST Lego League Championship held at NAIT on January 20th. More than 50 teams from all over Alberta came head to head to solve problems relating to water, and compete with their robots in a table top competition. Five Grade 4 – 9 teams from Progressive Academy entered the tournament, as well as 5 Junior Lego League teams of students in Grades 1 to 3. Progressive Academy delivers an exceptional technology program to help prepare students for the future. On Saturday, January 27th our Community Team for Grades 7Learn more

Progressive Academy has a long standing history of excellence on the Alberta Education Accountability Pillar Report. This year was no exception! We ranked in the top 5% of the province in almost every category. Enough said about those few short exams and surveys.  They are simply a snapshot.  The truly outstanding result we achieve is the high level of competence demonstrated by our students in core subjects, performing arts, robotics and technology application, social engagement,  and global understanding.  What do our talented learners have to say about Progressive Academy? Take it from them – Progressive Academy is a great school! “I like to sing songsLearn more